About the When I Grow Up Project

About The Photographer

 In December of 2013, photographer Brandon Cawood released his first large-scale photography project titled “Not All Wear Capes.” The project involved creating “movie poster” style images featuring first responders and law enforcement personnel from our community. These images were then used to create a calendar that was sold to raise money for a local non-profit organization. The project was a huge success for the organization. The project then went on to be featured on The Huffington Post, Yahoo! Screen, The Weekly Flickr, The Weather Channel, The Meredith Vieira Show, and many publications.Brandon is now releasing his next photography Project titled “When I Grow Up.” The project will feature fifth grade students portraying themselves in their future careers “when they grow up.” The images will be put into an 18-month calendar (Jan 2016-June 2017) and sold.  The money raised from this project will go to the City of Refuge youth. Your contribution or involvement will help City of Refuge invest specifically in these youths’ futures which will in turn be an investment in our community. 

About the 5th Grade Project

The inspiration behind the “When I Grow Up” project was activated by Malisa Cawood’s 5th grade students. All 5th grade students have to complete a career project in which they research a career of their choice and present information to their peers. As an extra credit component of the project, students could interview a professional in their career of choice. A couple of students who want to be photographers asked if they could interview local photographer Brandon Cawood. Brandon came to speak to the class and explain all aspects of his job as a photographer. The whole class was amazed by his photos and in response they asked Brandon to take “cool” pictures of the class. This sparked the idea for “When I Grow Up.” Since they are the inspiration, it seems only fitting that they be the models for the project! 

About City of Refuge Youth

City of Refuge is committed to affecting real change in the lives of those living in the margins of society by addressing the emotional, educational, and physical needs of the disadvantaged in Whitfield County regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender, or disability. We are committed to deploying men, women, youth, and resources into environments where difficulty resides, bringing hope to those who live there. The promise of a better life, along with the tools to build that life, is the passion of City of Refuge. Together with your support we can make a difference in our youth’s life and future. The City of Refuge mission is to provide “a hand up, not a hand out”. The outreach services provided for indigent families in our community exist to provide a support system to help them overcome the impoverished conditions in which they reside. For our youth, the most practical solution to this is educational and career training. Funds raised via this project will provide the resources City of Refuge needs to begin investing specifically in our youth’s future, which will in turn be an investment in our community. Funds will help provide an individual tutoring program to insure our students are within their current grade level status, along with a College and Career Fund for the City of Refuge’s at risk youth. Your financial investment will provide educational and career training expenses such as college application fees, college admissions testing fees, college tours, vocational school tours, and college scholarships.